Digital Sketchbook

Just a few sketches that I have done on my huion digital screen.  It is a real pleasure to draw with, rough sketch on a layer then work on the layer above to hone the the shapes and shadows.  I then add a third layer where I draw the final sketch.  Digital work gives me the freedom to make mistakes whilst keeping the work clean.  Options to resize and scale freely whilst giving me a real pen and paper feel too.

Japanese Street Scene

This series of pictures of a Japanese street are all done freehand in pen made up from lots of different photos.  I wanted to create seven separate pictures that all go together to form a full street scene. The series consists of six A4 portrait pictures and one A3 landscape picture.  The A3 one sits in the middle with three A4 pictures on either side.  When complete I intend to colour the whole set either digitally or with watercolour, not sure which just yet.

Watch this space..........

Cheers G.

Pencil Work

Here is a selection of my pencil work, mostly drawn on A3 or A2 heavyweight cartridge paper.  Working with pencil is my real passion I love to get as much detail into my pictures as possible, using HB 0.3mm and 0.5mm mechanical pencils.  These can take me weeks to complete but the satisfaction I feel  when finished is awesome.  Over the years I have built up quite a collection of assorted pencils, especially of the mechanical variety.  So if you have any questions about any of this please feel free to e-mail me,  I will be only to happy to help if I can.

Robots Around Sheffield

This Series of pictures are based on Sheffield scenes that included freindly robots living amongst us.  They are best printed and viewed at A2 size so that all the detail can be seen, although they also look well at A3.  All hand drawn on the computer working with tablet and pen, referencing from photo sets taken on regular outings around town.  It is a great way to draw but it doesn't beat the old pencil on paper.


These pages are one of my side pet projects. (No pun intended) I love cats but I'm not good at drawing animal bodies!  So I thought I would just draw their heads then dress them up.  Might as well put them in some quality whilst I am at it.  All images are hand drawn using my huion screen and clip studio paint software.

Colour Sketchbook

Before I started on my Sheffield Independant Shops Project I did some colour testing. Here are the pages, I use them for reference when adding colour to the pictures.  It also gave me an opportunity to draw random items that I would not normally draw.


Socketville is a place where I just put stuff together and have fun.  Not really sure how to explain, it is probably easier just to have a look.

Assorted Artwork

These are just a selection of random works that don't really fit any where else, a bit of everything.